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How to use Joffice: Part 3

Oct 21, 2017 | JOffice

Joffice: ‘Distributor Information’ & marketing tools

Jeunesse is excited to provide professional marketing and sales tools to support our Distributors’ success. If you “know a little bit about” the marketing materials available in Joffice, then get excited to become a Distributor who knows “it all.” Joffice places ready-to-go marketing tools at your fingertips.

In this series, we’re bringing you the best insider tips on how to use all the features of Joffice.

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Go to ‘Distributor Information’

After you’ve logged in to Joffice, you can choose from multiple tabs at the top of the screen. The ‘Members Only’ tab opens a drop-down menu that includes the ‘Distributor Information’ section.

Distributor Information is where you can find some of the most important documents, files and materials for Jeunesse Distributors in every market.

Jeunesse media
In this first subsection on the Distributor Information page, you can find fun and important media resources that are accessible worldwide. Check back frequently for the most updated materials.

Other subsections
The other subsections of Distributor Information are organized with documents for our Distributors in the United States at the top, followed by materials for Distributors in other markets. Countries are listed alphabetically.

Each country has customized documents and materials, which are organized in subsections. Scroll through a range of materials for every market, including:

  • Promotions
  • Prices and packages
  • Quick Start Executive Launch Guide
  • Important forms
  • Important information
  • Compliance resources
  • Marketing tools
  • ZEN Project 8 guides

Every country has a different library of resources, and most countries include resources in many languages.


Marketing tools

Most countries have access to marketing languages that are specific to their market. In general, we provide Distributors two types of marketing tools -- product marketing materials and business marketing materials.

Product marketing materials
Product marketing materials include PowerPoint presentations, product guides, videos, images and handouts that Distributors can use when speaking with Customers or leads. Check out the “before and after” photo testimonials for our Luminesce serum or the CAP-e test results for Reserve, and so much more.


Business marketing materials
Business marketing materials include PowerPoint presentations, guidelines and summary documents, and charts to help you and your team track your progress. Check out the “Sky’s the Limit” Goals Pack or the Advertising, Marketing and Media Usage guide, as well as everything else you need to grow.

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